Giant Robots and ART

Heading to the cinema to watch Transformers 2 yesterday afternoon I saw something that turned out to be far more interesting than the film. The giant ” A R T ” (pictured below) certainly caught my eye as I walked over the West India Quay bridge. After more research apparently it’s there for an upcoming arts festival (1, 2). I’ll be there to watch the stilt walkers - the docklands doesn’t really offer the flattest of ground to maneuver.

Art installation at West India Quay

On a minor note I don’t like the extreme tracking used. The spacing makes the whole installation look slightly amateurish (I need to turn my typography brain off sometimes).

As for Transformers 2 - surprising amount of ball jokes. The story line leaves much to be desired with another magical artifact that was the solution to everything. But great action and amazing graphics I’d watch it again just because robots are awesome.

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