New Designers 2009

New Designers is an intriguing exhibition that incorporates a wide array of design practices over the two weeks it runs at the Business Design Centre, London.

Nowhere else is it possible to see such creativity across every major design discipline from architecture to animation, furniture to fashion, graphics to glass.

It takes place in the building I work so there’s no excuse for me missing anything… I did miss the fashion and contemporary arts week however. So I decided to sacrifice a lunch break to see the product, furniture and miscellaneous design categories week.

Here’s six things I liked.


Every portfolio needs an origami crane. Preferably green though.


This curtain-like thing was very cool. Looks like it could be morphed into any shape.


It’s tempting to ask a printer to quote for this.


I didn’t think they literally meant glass, but here we are. A lot more eye catching in person when you look through at different angles.


These look really comfortable.


Very novel. One of the few things there that I can see selling.

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