Creative Packaging

Creative Review unleashes some experimental packaging for their latest magazine. More exciting than a brown envelope.

“CR subscribers will notice something unusual about their CR package this month when it arrives on their doormats”

I certainly did, it arrived in several pieces on my doormat.

Apparently this is Creative Review’s attempt to provide a filing system for their Monograph booklets that come free with the CR mag every month.

Packaging - Creative Review Monograph

One could blame the Royal Mail for this but personally I think they’ve excelled themselves in managing to deliver something at all! Actually I am going to blame the Royal Mail because my Snow Leopard DVD arrived today and looks like it was also dropped under a bus.

I can’t be too harsh on CR because this is a very creative idea and I had fun trying to build it. It’s succeeded in making me find all the Monograph booklets I left lying around the office.

Putting the Pieces Together

Building - Creative Review Monograph

First attempt at building it didn’t go very well. I think there were too many tabs, and the instructions were IKEA-esque. But with respect to CR it did eventually stand up by itself!

Built - Creative Review Monograph

See what it should have looked like at Creative Review

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