Most Amazing Top 2

I’m subscribed to ~50-60 RSS feeds in Google Reader, most of them are design related. I also follow hundreds of design related people (and 1 meerkat) on Twitter. I like being up-to-date. I recently started the website Design Heroes so I could bookmark the best of the best. The rules for Design Heroes are decidedly simple:

  • Rule #1 - links have to be design related .
  • Rule #2 - links cannot start with “Top 100…”, “50 Excellent…”25+ Amazing Super Awesome…”

Simple, you would have thought. But rules #2 cuts out 90% of my daily intake. What’s the deal with the online design community today? There is no creativity in naming articles, it’s just lists and lists and more lists. It looks like a robot has generated half the content in my RSS reader.

Here’s my much anticipated top 2 reasons why you shouldn’t use lists (drumroll please):

Reason 1

It’s not creative and looks like regurgitated spam.

Reason 2

It’s bloody annoying!!

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