Bring on 2010!

How can November be nearly over already?

One minute I’m writing a review on Dropbox and then the next minute (figuratively speaking) it’s almost 3 weeks later! Time flies when you’re absolutely rammed at work. That’s a good thing because Base Creative has some great design and development to showcase in the New Year. The bad thing is my personal projects are getting neglected fasted than an Xmas puppy.

Before the end of 2009 I’ll hopefully have chance to write a few blog posts I’ve outlined about website design and my experiences since leaving University.

New Stuff

And more exciting than that, I’m working on a JavaScript web app that’ll revolutionize web front-end development. It’s an ambitious project so for now I won’t say anymore but I’ll throw these buzzwords out there: “lightweight”, “flexible”, “AJAX”, “extensible”, “framework”, and my favourite “user experience”. I’ll blog about it again once I’ve mocked up concept in Photoshop.

Design Heroes is one project that’s still alive and kicking. I have plans for that too in the near year.

Over and out.

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