Happy New Year!

I know, I’m a few weeks early with the cheer (but this blog will have more legs).

I’ve spent the weekend wrapping Xmas gifts for the family. As a “creative” person I’ve always felt slightly guilty about my poor wrapping skills. Last year I stepped it up a notch and use a large black marker to write the gift recipients in perfectly handwriting 72pt Helvetica. No one noticed.

This year I’m back in DCM (don’t care mode) but I did buy some glittery wrapping paper. I’m covered in the bloody stuff now. A lot of designers enjoy making their own Christmas cards and paper. If I think of a witty idea I’ll blog it for next year. I wonder if anyone has done Pantone wrapping paper yet? Alternatively I could go “green” and refuse to wrap my plastic packaged gifts with dead trees. But then it wouldn’t be a surprise.

So wrapping hasn’t been successful, but it has been a great year working at Base Creative. January will see a few more websites launched which we’re all very proud of. And there’s already exciting new projects in the pipeline.

I’ve decided to make some end-of-year resolutions. (Different than new year resolutions in that I don’t plan to ignore them come February.)

  • Blog more! There is so much web and design related stuff I should be writing about. I actually have a long list of good topics I’d like to share.
  • Personal projects. This year I updated my website and launched Design Heroes. Next year I’m going to be doing a lot more!
  • Buy a new lightbulb. I’m sat in the dark here.

That’s all for now folks.

Oh go on then, just time for a small rant.

Use to be that a man could walk into Top Shop or River Island and buy a £20 gift voucher and in exchange hand over £20 and a small amount of embarrassment from unsuccessfully trying to avoid eye-contact with the women sizing up bras. Now a £20 gift voucher costs £25 (TWENTY FIVE QUID!) at Top Shop. Greedy bastards!

I was light-headed from all the perfume in the air. Had I been more alert I would have phoned the police. To be fair whoever figured out they could charge £25 for £20 is genius.

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year :)

Your presents with the Royal Mail, so I hesitate to say “it’s in the post”.

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