Frozen and Flickr

Around here it’s nearly zero and covered in snow. I decided to spend the day integrating Flickr.

[photo was lost to time…]

If you take a look in the right-hand column of my blog (under Twitter) you should see two of my latest Flickr photos. I say “should” because I’m not 100 percent on the Flickr API I’ve been experimenting with, but for now I can see photos!

Daily Photo 2010

If check me out on Flickr you’ll noticed I’ve started a new project. It’s not an original idea and if I were to list all the people who did this last year - it’d be a very long list. But it’s still an excellent project! And it’ll get my photography juices flowing. Weapon of choice is my iPhone. I have been looking at digital SLRs, but we’ll see about that…

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