All about the Old School

So far this week has very much had a retro feel to it which is a tad odd since we’ve just started a new year, but I’m not a “new year” kinda guy anyway. While I’m ploughing forward with new projects and gusto I’ve found three things that have made me more interested in looking backwards.

Vintage Ads

Monday I was sidetracked for hours when I stumbled upon the website Vintage Ad Browser.

Lucky Strike ad

They don’t make ‘em like that anymore!

There’s probably hundreds of vintage ads in the collection. I’d take ads like this anyday over the rubbish that’s literally shouted at us on today’s TV. Ok, so the tobacco ad above probably isn’t the best example, but compared to contemporary ads I’d still call it elegant and sophisticated.

Mini-rant over and on to the next link:

The Movie Title Stills Collection

The Movie title stills collection does what it says on the tin. When we design a movie poster today we float the heads of the leading actors below Trajan (if the film is set in today’s world) or Papyrus (if the film is set in the past or future).

Atonomy of a Murder poster

Back in the day the likes of Saul Bass were shaking things up with awesome typography.

And last but not least…

The Typeface Film

I found out via Twitter that The Typeface Film is premiering in London this month at the world famous St Bride Library. I’ve (hopefully) snapped up a few tickets. Check out the trailer below:

The St Bride screening is on the 21st January. Check back here for a field report! So exciting.

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