356 to go

One week, or nine days to be specific, down on my daily photo project. Watch me go on Flickr and/or Posterous where I’ll be photoblogging (phlogging?) daily. I’ll be analysing the project in a more “creative” sense on this blog. So here goes.

[photo was lost to time…]

The Challenge

Upon starting the daily photo project I figured it’d be incredibly difficult. Blogging in general takes aaaaages. I’ve found however that this isn’t so time consuming. Artworking the photo and uploading it never takes more than 10-20 minutes. Trying to find a good photo is challenging, but 24 hours is a long time to look around.

Looking around is the key. Open your eyes to the world around you. Sorry, that’s horribly cliché. I think I wrote something a month or so ago about how “creatives” look at things differently. That’s especially true for photographers. I don’t call myself a photographer, but I know what makes a good photo. This week I’ve been seeing photos everywhere. I nearly walked under a bus the other day, trying to mentally crop a better angle.

In Retrospective

It’s going to be interesting (at least personally) what my year will look like. My memory of events has always sucked so a day-by-day will be fun to review. I’ve been thinking of what sort of compilation I’ll make in the end. Maybe a photo diary, bit boring? Some interactive Flash gallery? That’s so last decade. Guess I’ll figure it out in 2011.

That’s enough for now. Still shooting with my iPhone. Can I bring myself to splash out on a DSLR?

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