1000 Cranes

A new project!

The other week I was indirectly reminded (via twitter, obviously) about a previous obsession with Origami. To satisfy a sudden resurging demand to fold everything in half I picked up a few sheets of origami paper - and that was that.

Well today a package arrived from Hong Kong along with a horrifying flash-back of a (possibly drink inspired) eBay purchase of 1000 more sheets of Origami paper…

Tracing my memory back points me to this quote from the front of my own website:

“Legend says that folding 1000 cranes will make a wish come true. I only folded one, but it’s brought me good luck so far.”

I don’t know how, but I must have decided that was a challenge to myself:

[photo was lost to time…]


Now, I don’t back down from a personal challenge, and if I get this done I’ll finally be able to remove that cheesy quote from my home page. The real kicker here is that I could have sworn this paper was 7 inches when I ordered it, not 7 centimetres. These things are barely bigger than the Queen’s head.

And I’ve got 1000 to make!

Wish me luck!

Update! 21st February

Here’s a pic from yesterday, since then I’ve completed a total of 33 cranes. I’ve now decided to work in stages as it’s easier to repeat the same folds over and over and over again, which results in more accuracy. Stage 1 is a square base (more info here) of which I have about 100. Stage 2 is the bird base - around 20. Projected finish date: hopefully before I die.

[photo was lost to time…]

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