Reading Month

It’s been over a month since my last blog post. What’s going on?

A combination of very busy work and moving flat has meant my iMac and camera have both been boxed up. They now take centre stage on my new desk and it’s about time to rev up the personal project machine once again. But how did I spend a month without my iMac? I read books, of course!

Logo Design Love

My area of work (web design) generally starts with some kind of existing branding of the client. Sometimes I do get the odd chance to create a brand from scratch, but certainly not enough to keep my logo design skills finely tuned.

Logo Design Love - a guide to creating iconic brand identities

To compensate I tend to browse a lot of design blogs including Logo Design Love - run by David Airey. The book “Logo Design Love - A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities” was released earlier this year and it filled one of my Mac-less weeks very nicely.

This book is excellent!

My design library (or shelf to be more accurate) comprises around 70% of the books I was recommended during my University days. I really wish this book was published back then. It’s a great introduction to the whole process of designing a logo. But it’s not just for beginners, with David Airey’s experience there are enough snippets of knowledge in the book to give anyone an enlightened smile.

I especially liked the many case studies and examples that are used to illustrate the ideas and processes being discussed. The book is fairly short and can be read in a couple of sittings, but this isn’t a bad thing - every paragraph is insightful - there’s no waffle here! That makes it very easy to remember. Airey does a very good job of describing the sort of design knowledge you can only “learn from experience”, such as communicating with clients.

If you’re a design student, or a post-graduate who’s a couple of years into your first job (like me!) or even a seasoned pro, I can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t buy this book. Learning from a proven design expert is priceless!

So go buy it!

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