Design Heroes 2

Last year I started the bookmarking website Design Heroes to share and remember design related links, a kind of “inspiration blog”. It has served me very well in those occasions where I can remember a resource or piece of design I want to reference but have no idea where it is. The old design worked great for that but it wasn’t very accessible to other people, so I decided to redesign it.

Design Heroes

New Design

The new site retains the idea of “tag filtering” but is initially presented in a more recognisable blog format. The big different is a large image assigned to every bookmark. To maintain a minimalist feel, various elements are hidden and can fade in when needed. Let me know what you think!

Another cool feature I added is navigation by arrow keys (up/down). The final big change is the ability to post a comment on each bookmark. Hopefully this will make the site a lot more engaging.

And finally, Design Heroes is on twitter! So go follow.

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