The Typographic Gauntlet

I love typography!

To celebrate my love I have set myself a new challenge: design 6 fonts in 12 months.

My last “creative challenge” was to fold 1000 origami cranes before the end of 2010. I think I’ve done about 100 so far (having folded nothing since March). Some may say I set the bar too high on that one. I say nonsense! I’m just postponing the challenge until I have a particularly unlucky year.

(My daily photo project also failed but let’s just forget about that one too…)

Back to this new challenge – I’ll be designing a new font every 8-ish weeks giving me a deadline of the New Year for font #1. They’ll be entirely different designs. No typeface with weight variations. I’ll be tackling serifs, sans-serifs, mono-spaces, erm… slabs, serifs, everything. Neo-grotesque.

As proof I’ll be publishing a special online poster & blog post with the actual font embedded using a bit of CSS3 magic. I make no promise of legibility, but I do hope at least a few of my fonts turn out surprisingly decent. And if that’s the case I’ll flog them for a good price.

I’ve got my pencil and Helvetica Moleskine at hand so wish me luck!

If you think I’m mad or want to join me in this challenge leave a comment below.

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