Launching xheight

As most people know I don’t do things by half and taking on ambitious projects is generally how I role these days. (Not Sunday though, I refused to take things serious on Sunday.)

Last week I launched as a blog for many more designers than just myself to discuss the theory of design from experience and aspirations.

xheight aims to share the inner-most secrets of professional designers. On one hand, this blog will allow its authors to understand their own discipline, but more importantly, it will allow others a new perspective on what design can mean.

As expected it’s had a very positive reception, and why wouldn’t it? Nothing helps us more in design than studying the approach of others. xheight is focusing on theory over practical techniques which for some is a difficult concept to grasp. Their loss!

Keep an eye out because there are some great designers lined up to share their ideas. I’m very grateful to all who are participating – thanks guys!

Oh, and follow @xheightblog.

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