If you’re a website developer, subscriptions to the JavaScript Weekly and HTML5 Weekly newsletters are mandatory. Even in the days of Twitter they’re a goldmine of knowledge.

As it happens, my Socialite.js project makes an appearance in Issue #82! My praise of these newsletters is in no way disingenuous; it really is an honour (albeit a very geeky one). I’m posting this primarily to boast of course, but it does remind me of how motivating such small recognition can be. Recognition doesn’t even have to be positive. Neutral recognition in the form of collaboration, feedback, and bug reports on the Socialite GitHub repository has been the major factor in my continual development.

If you build websites it’s highly likely you’re using a lot of code — snippets, plugins, libraries — developed by your peers. Give something back by writing reviews, sharing resources, and contributing to future revisions. It’s the difference between somebody getting bored and abandoning a great idea alone, and somebody producing the next jQuery.

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