Responsive Day Out

I’ll be speaking at the Responsive Day Out conference in Brighton, 1st March 2013. Grab a ticket now because at £50+VAT they’ll be sold out very soon! And they’re gone!

Responsive Day Out

Jeremy Keith explains more on his blog.

It’s a kind of conference, I guess, but I think of it as more like a gathering of like-minded people getting together to share what they’ve learned, show some examples, swap techniques, and discuss problems. And all of it will be related to responsive web design.

Ordinarily, I’m not one for speaking gigs but this was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. Very honoured to be in the line-up. I’ll be partaking in a quick fire 20 minute presentation with Q&A afterwards. I’m super excited because if I had my way, this would be the topic of every conference (probably a good thing I don’t get my own way).

It’ll be a while before I finalise my 20 minutes (haven’t started yet), but it’s a sure bet I’ll be showing off responsive techniques for common/advanced design patterns. I’ll demo the principles and keep the code light (you can inspect that online later).

If you’re heading to Brighton give me a shout. I’ll certainly try to accomodate any specific design/build questions.

If you’re wondering what my credentials are my focus for the last two years has been makingblogging, and selling to clients all things responsive/device-independent.

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