A Year of Writing

They say a monkey hitting keys at random will reproduce the works of Shakespeare, eventually. I only had a year but I did manage to produce something worthy of sharing. Here’s a recap of my best efforts, as inadvertently voted by you:

Most Shared of 2012

  1. The State of Web Design, 2013 10 Dec — 60 shares
  2. The Real Cost of Retina23 Oct — 95 shares
  3. Modularity and Style Guides23 Apr — 100 shares
  4. Browser Support? Forget It!3 Mar — 105 shares
  5. Responsive Tables (2)5 Jan — 115 shares
  6. Search & Responsive Design6 Jun — 136 shares
  7. Nestable jQuery Plugin17 Jun —171 shares
  8. Pikaday: JavaScript datepicker9 Oct — 198 shares
  9. SVG, Use it Already3 Apr — 273 shares
  10. A Responsive Design Case Study17 Jun — 319 shares

(“shares” only include tweets and +1’s of the original article.)

I’m happy to see that live case studies, usable resources, and practical code/commentary are most popular. Despite publishing 50 articles this year I have double that number of abandoned drafts. That’s a lot of wasted time! That demands a change in strategy; more frequent writing and more concise topics.

Stay tuned and thanks for the sharing. I have big news in January…

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