Blogging in 2020

Hey, I went a whole year without blogging!

I guess the streak is officially over. The lack of content here has weighed on me heavily considering how integral this blog has been to my career. Really, it was my true portfolio. It demonstrated much more than the glossy screenshots on other pages ever did. And now both are covered in dust. Yikes.

So what’s changed? Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve largely moved away from the little social media I did partake in. I don’t attend industry events like I once did. I’m working on projects that are difficult to share. I can make a lot of excuses but nothing holds water.

So what’s next? I don’t know that either. And I’m certainly not falling for the resolution trick (I see you, New Year). I expect I’ll get caught up in work and end up leaving this as my “latest post” until the timestamp shames me into replacing it.

I do have something of a plan. For a long time now I’ve been tempted to rebrand myself as a company / studio. Is this the year? We’ll see. I’ve had my head down in PHP for a while now. This month I’ll be catching up on front-end dev – all the hottest tools, techniques, and transgressions.

If that leads to a revitalised blog I’ll be happy, but I ain’t stressing over it.

Happy New Year!

And as always, contact me to discuss projects.

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