2020 in Review

2020 started on a positive note for me. I blogged again after a yearlong hiatus. I guess I’d lost my web mojo in 2019. Too much Twitter can have that effect.

Sometime in February on the bus to the gym I read about the Coronavirus. I pulled my scarf up around my airways and let go of the handrails. I have good balance and strong knees thanks to the DLR (which is technically a rollercoaster).

Buying a bench, rack, and weights in late 2019 proved to be a moment of genius precognition. That kept my Zoom background game on point.

My home gym

I got an espresso machine too. It’s paid for itself.

That’s my 2020 year in review.

I basically did nothing else of interest. Kept my head down locked in my flat. Had food delivered. Ordered too much takeaway. Only went outside to run β€” until I pulled my hamstring. I think that’s mended and I’m tentatively running again. Now with more ice to contend with. I also put 200 odd hours into Ring Fit Adventure.

A lot of exercise is a good way to keep busy, sane, and motivated.

2021 in Review?

Might as well write this early as I don’t foresee any change soon! I have some client work to keep me going. Business related projects are on hold, obviously. I’m glad I reconsidered renting office space. That would have been a costly mistake.

I want to focus on more personal projects this year. And smaller, more frequent blog posts. I’ve a big update on my self hosted experiments to pen. Maybe I’ll do that as a series to keep it manageable.

πŸ’ͺ😷 Stay strong.

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