2022 Things

Hello! I’m still around! Working hard with not a lot to share publicly. I’ve been pondering blog topics but nothing has piqued my interest.

There’s plenty of exciting new web standards to explore but every time I enquire about “browser support” the new toys are snatched away! It’s not fair! Yeah, I guess I can support Internet Explorer 11 if you’re absolutely sure. But I’m going to quietly sulk about it!

Anyway, on the topic of browser support I was thinking: is it easier to code websites today compared to, say, 10–15 years ago?

Modern web standards are certainly more logical and “fun” to use. Browser updates are much more frequent which helps. On the other hand websites can be more complicated now. There has always been “that” browser that is the source of most frustrations (sorry, it’s now you Safari).

I feel like during the IE6 days it was easier to simply say “No, we can’t do that”. Today I find myself saying “Well, technically yes… if we have the time and budget (but regardless, please don’t ask me! It will be a monumental pain!)”

So maybe websites are not easier to code but the experience has improved. Maybe. With the right project. Anyway, I’m rambling for the sake of a blog post.

All of this is to say we’re well into 2022 and I’m still building websites! Give me a shout and I’ll help build one for you when I’m available!

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