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Working with Promises

JavaScript promises are a handy way to write asynchronous code. It’s common to have multiple promises resolve in parallel or series. Let’s say you have several functions that return a promise: It’s easy to run these functions in parallel: But how to run them sequentially? One way is to nest the promises: Nesting gets uglify real fast and some […]

My thoughts on React

I’ve been playing with React for some time now. React is: “A JavaScript library for building user interfaces”. Unlike other libraries something about React just clicked with me. Back in October a client project came along that presented a golden opportunity to develop a web app. I decided to use React, and I now consider myself comfortable […]

Building a Shopify Theme

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that offers themeable store fronts online. I worked alongside the wonderful folks at Studio Tangerine to develop a Shopify theme. I’ve documented interesting aspects of the process below. Getting started If you’re familiar with my workflow it will be no surprised that I first translated the design into static HTML & CSS […]

Colour Accessibility

“Accessiblity” isn’t a scary word but many web folks shy away from it. Perhaps because the W3C guidelines are a little scary. The reality is website accessibility affects us all. Not just those of us who cross the threshold into a medically diagnosed condition. “I want to see like the colour blind” is a Chrome plugin […]

Building a WordPress Theme

I was delighted when Base Creative asked me to help build a beautifully designed website on WordPress. It’s always a joy to work with Base Creative knowing that my role is made easier by the care and attention they deliver. In this review I’ll showcase a few of the defining techniques and challenges that made this […]

New Origins

Greetings! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? The last few months were busy for me. That’s a good thing I suppose, I certainly need to earn a living. The only real downside of plentiful client work is the lack of time for my own projects. One of those, codename: “Origin”, is my personal front-end starter kit. […]

CSS only Responsive Tables

Four years ago I shared an idea to make tabular data responsive. Browser support was experimental and the workarounds were extremely hacky. I revisited the technique this week, cleaned it up, and I am pleased to say all modern browsers work perfectly. See the full demo on CodePen Here’s what basic overflow looks like: And if you want […]