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Web Security and Cloudflare

I’ve never had to deal with SSL certificates before. That’s always been someone else’s responsibility. Being ignorant of the technical details, the idea of setting up SSL/TLS wrong scares me. The idea of my visitors seeing those browser warnings scares me even more. And they’re getting scarier by the year. I listened to an episode of […]

React as a Static Site Generator

Two years ago I converted my website from WordPress to a static build process. It has served me well but the final process was rather messy. Hacks and plumbing to get Metalsmith plugins working my way didn’t helped. Time for a new project! Abstract: rebuild my website using React as the template engine for a bespoke static […]

Working with Promises

JavaScript promises are a handy way to write asynchronous code. It’s common to have multiple promises resolve in parallel or series. Let’s say you have several functions that return a promise: It’s easy to run these functions in parallel: But how to run them sequentially? One way is to nest the promises: Nesting gets uglify real fast and some […]

My thoughts on React

I’ve been playing with React for some time now. React is: “A JavaScript library for building user interfaces”. Unlike other libraries something about React just clicked with me. Back in October a client project came along that presented a golden opportunity to develop a web app. I decided to use React, and I now consider myself comfortable […]

Building a Shopify Theme

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that offers themeable store fronts online. I worked alongside the wonderful folks at Studio Tangerine to develop a Shopify theme. I’ve documented interesting aspects of the process below. Getting started If you’re familiar with my workflow it will be no surprised that I first translated the design into static HTML & CSS […]

Colour Accessibility

“Accessiblity” isn’t a scary word but many web folks shy away from it. Perhaps because the W3C guidelines are a little scary. The reality is website accessibility affects us all. Not just those of us who cross the threshold into a medically diagnosed condition. “I want to see like the colour blind” is a Chrome plugin […]

Building a WordPress Theme

I was delighted when Base Creative asked me to help build a beautifully designed website on WordPress. It’s always a joy to work with Base Creative knowing that my role is made easier by the care and attention they deliver. In this review I’ll showcase a few of the defining techniques and challenges that made this […]

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