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On Browser Support

The recently launched jQuery 2.0 leaves behind support for IE6–8. This has lead to some interesting opinions on what browsers we should be supporting. Here’s my take: Defining support Supporting a browser to me does not mean that a website will be identical in form and function. That is a fool’s errand leading to an unmanageable mess of polyfills […]

Ember Data and MongoDB

Macaque lives! If you’ve been following my recent blog posts — Part 1: Macaque: A New Project Part 2: Test Driven Development Part 3: Prototyping — you’ll know I’m building a to-do app with Node and Ember. Macaque’s development has reached the point where I can use the app itself for issue and feature tracking. If you want to see my plans […]


A couple of weeks ago I embarked upon a new side quest: make a list app and use as much JavaScript in the stack as possible. Fighting adversity, I’ve made progress: Twitter Bootstrap is a great UI toolkit for prototypes. Don’t let it seduce you, my underlying code ain’t pretty! Learning Curve After the excitement of last weekend’s test driven […]

Test Driven Development

I’ve been hacking away at my side project Macaque today. It’s quickly becoming the world’s most over-engineered to-do app. At the moment it’s categorising primates: Isn’t it beautiful? As you can see, my big ideas for Macaque focus on design but I am building it end-to-end. For the supporting back-end I’ve spent the weekend writing and testing an API. I could have […]

Macaque: A New Project

Today I started a new project. Macaque will be a personal to-do or list app. Sounds simple, right? Unlike my other side projects I’m coding and designing in public from day one. This project exists because: I want to learn more Node and Ember I’ve failed to find a list app I like (oh lord, please don’t suggest one) I’d like to […]

The Flat Build (2)

My article The Flat Build was a slow burner but it has picked up steam recently and for the first time in like, forever, I’m building a pre-designed* website without having design influence. This has proven to be a good opportunity to refine and expand upon my flat build workflow (again). I’m aware I’m reinventing more than […]

On Responsive Layout and Grids

I often get asked which responsive grid system I use. This is a very frustrating question because it implies a requirement where I have none. With the myriad solutions presented I can’t blame people for thinking they have a choice to make. This article is my response to that question. Anatomy of a grid system Responsive grid systems […]