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New Origins

Greetings! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? The last few months were busy for me. That’s a good thing I suppose, I certainly need to earn a living. The only real downside of plentiful client work is the lack of time for my own projects. One of those, codename: “Origin”, is my personal front-end starter kit. […]

CSS only Responsive Tables

Four years ago I shared an idea to make tabular data responsive. Browser support was experimental and the workarounds were extremely hacky. I revisited the technique this week, cleaned it up, and I am pleased to say all modern browsers work perfectly. See the full demo on CodePen Here’s what basic overflow looks like: And if you want […]

Be careful with your viewBox

In Sara Soueidan’s article: SVG Style Inheritance and the ‘Flash of Unstyled SVG’, Sara explains the importance of having width, height, and viewBox attributes on SVG elements. This reminded me of two issues I ran into last week building my new design. I have an SVG sprite for social icons: .svg-icon { […]

A Bit of a New Look

I redesigned my website! This iteration has taken longer than usual because the visual changes are much more dramatic. I’m really pleased with the results: It’s been two years since I last updated the design. That is a record because it’s usually an annual tradition. Past updates include: 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011. Last year I improved […]

CSS Framework for Parts Giant

2021 Update I’ve completed a new component library project that will replace this work. Original Article Parts Giant is a soon to launch e-commerce store based in Michigan, USA. I was hired to build the Parts Giant front-end CSS framework and HTML templates. The work would be done in stages throughout the year. This required flexibility on my part […]

My Year in Review

All considered, 2015 has been a good year! My highlight for sure was moving into my new flat. The whole searching, buying, and decorating process took way longer than I imagined. Because of this I didn’t take on as many large projects, but I did manage to find enough freelance work to keep me going. January What better […]

Tales WordPress theme is now free

Tales is a WordPress theme I developed early last year to show that responsive design and legacy browser support are not mutually exclusive. For the few months that I sold Tales it provided a small but welcome side income (considering my lack of advertising). Today I’m happy to announce that Tales is now free to download […]

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