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HTMX Is So Cool I Rolled My Own!

HTMX is hot right now. HTMX rejects modern JavaScript UI in favour of server-rendered HTML. It’s not a new concept it’s an evolution of old ideas. It builds on how we did things before the front-end got all bloated with React. Popular HTMX examples are infinite scroll, live search results, etc. I must have implemented those […]

Offscreen Canvas and Web Workers

The OffscreenCanvas API is now supported in all modern browsers. Before I was using canvas to generate media session thumbnails for my podcast player. Now I can take this code off-screen! Out with the old: In with the new: Presumably the lack of DOM improves performance? I’ve no idea. What I care about is that OffscreenCanvas is available […]

Spring 2024: Self-Hosted Update

Spring has arrived in the UK! I can tell because the Canadian Geese are pairing off and getting territorial. A charging goose will put a spring in your step. This also arrived: ZimaBlade It’s the crowd-funded ZimaBlade single board computer. I gambled on the quad-core NAS kit. Specs include: 4 core CPU, 16GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC, PCIe […]

Better Syntax Highlighting

I’ve been using Prism to highlight syntax on my blog. I achieved this with a custom plugin for Marked. This was kinda janky for my server-side build process. Prism is old. Prism v2 doesn’t seem to be happening. You’ve served me well, Prism, but it’s time to go. I tried Highlight.js writing documentation for It’s […]

CSS Button Styles You Might Not Know

Buttons are everywhere! We can use all sorts of fancy CSS to style a button. I prefer using Flexbox layout for example. In this blog post I share a few lesser-known CSS styles. Let’s use this example code: Touch Actions Have you ever repeatedly tapped on a button only for the page to zoom in unexpectedly? Rewind and fast-forward […]

JSR: Second Look

I blogged my JSR: First Impressions a couple of weeks ago. Since then JSR has officially launched in open beta. My article proved timely and received a lot of attention. JSR has already made changes so I figured a second look was required. Open Source The JSR GitHub repository has also gone public. The primary components are […]

A Fun Line of Code

Code can be fun and creative. Sometimes I have to rein myself in otherwise I’m prone to writing creative code for creativity’s sake. That is not always the most readable. Occasionally though the fun solution is the best. I was updating my Deno Audio Duration package to publish it on JSR and I was reminded of […]

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