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Scripting Apple Music

Hey. I’ve been busy! Last year I started coding my own Stream Deck software to support plugins via WebSocket. I’ve also been giving Apple Music a listen (over Spotify). The Music apps on macOS and iOS are rubbish. The macOS app is woefully slow. So the less time spent using it the better. I’ve also found the […]

Deno Stream Deck

The Stream Deck is a rather pricey keyboard. Each key is a programmable LCD at ~72×72 pixels depending on device. Like all Elgato products, the Stream Deck is designed for broadcasting but can be repurposed for general use. The official Stream Deck software is a drag & drop UI with extensions. For non-techy users it’s well […]

Let me type my ******* password!

Did I miss the “user experience” memo about passwords? I’ve noticed a growing trend in website design that is driving me crazy. It’s actually far from a new trend. It has insideously crept across the web for years and has basically ruined everything. Call me melodramatic but I’m writing this on a Monday and I hate […]


I have a rule of thumb; avoid products and services that advertise on any podcast I listen to. They over hype and under deliver and I always get burnt. This is no more true than with VPNs. So it was a long time before my curiosity got the better of me and I looked into […]

Is Fresh, fresh?

Before I discuss the main topic; a few thoughts on Astro! I love static websites. Static websites are super fast “in the cloud” and “on the edge”. Unfortunately static site generators (SSGs) are not so quick. Astro! To learn Astro I rejiggered my website (the one you’re reading now) to fit into it. Astro seems to be the […]

Availability in July!

Looks like I’m free next month! Do you need anything built? I’m pretty good at all things front-end development. How can I help? Contact me! What have I been up to? I’ve been thinking a lot about static site generators and server side rendering. SSG and SSR. A lot of letters that result in HTML. When done right. I’ve been […]

2022 Things

Hello! I’m still around! Working hard with not a lot to share publicly. I’ve been pondering blog topics but nothing has piqued my interest. There’s plenty of exciting new web standards to explore but every time I enquire about “browser support” the new toys are snatched away! It’s not fair! Yeah, I guess I can support […]