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Browser Support, Again

With a high-profile portfolio of websites like Google Apps dropping support for IE9 the question of browser support inevitably resurfaces. Many will see this news as justification for their own abandonment of a legacy browser. As I’ve said time and time again, external decisions and aggregated statistics are irrelevant if you have specific numbers for a domain. If […]

Front-end Style Guides

I’ve just read Front-end Style Guides written by Anna Debenham, published by Five Simple Steps. As a thorough overview of all that the title suggests the book sets a practical mindset for utilising style guides with many examples (and at £2.40; an absolute steal). Style guides are critical to how I make websites. My design & build process naturally results in a front-end […]

CSS Fixed Positioning and Mobile Zoom

The follow demo is a quick experiment! I’m not sharing code because it’s horrible and I don’t want emails asking if I’ve got it working on a Blackberry. Mobile web browsers, unless otherwise informed, will assume a website has been designed for larger screens. They’ll render on a large canvas and zoom out. Responsive websites use […]

Reacting to the Resize

I’m building a client’s website design that is more aware of the viewport than usual. Page headers — think large typography with a background image — cover 100% of the initial view. So too does the navigation; five items presented overlaying the entire screen. First but not final When a page loads the first render — at whatever size the […]

Responsive Design for King’s Transfer

The new King’s Transfer website has gone live. I worked on design and front-end development while Peter Mitchell took care of all things back-end. This is my third in-depth responsive design case study and my first as a freelancer. I feel it’s my best work to-date and that’s due to a great client and a real focus on the design process. […]

Progressive Viewports

Implementing off-canvas navigation requires a fair amount of effort in the realms of front-end performance and “viewport management” but the general principles are simple. Once you’ve cracked them you can create some brilliant responsive and interactive interfaces. Viewport set-up I’ve decided to write a mostly high-level introduction here without getting bogged down in code. My Smashing Magazine article sets a good foundation […]

Open Responsibility

I like to be very “open”. I write about my ideas and experiences and I share code projects on GitHub. There are many reasons for this. High on that list are the improvements I gain as a professional in this industry. Sharing Code Some of my projects like Pikaday are very mature. I’m keen to see them adopted and still have […]

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