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Web Fonts & Enhancements

Yesterday I found myself thoroughly impressed with Laura Kalbag’s effort to ensure the Indie Tech Summit website remains well designed. In the screenshot above you can see the page design before and after web fonts have loaded. This is a superb example of progressive enhancement. Had web fonts failed to load I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Of course, in comparison the preferred design look […]

Responsive Design for Uwe Wittwer

David immediately grasped our taste in design and our technical requirements for a modern, responsive design after only a short brief by mail and phone. Kevin Mueller, Studio Manager for Uwe Wittwer Atelier Uwe Wittwer came to me in late 2013 requesting a new responsive design. With an ideal brief and a small but workable budget, I was […]

Two Week Build

From concept to launch the new version of my website clocked just over two weeks of development time. This article documents assorted aspects of that process. Initial Concept What you see above is the extent of my ’shopping for the new design. I probably wasted more time setting up those ridiculous guides than I did mocking up the visual concept. Still, for an […]

Spring Refresh

Spring means several things to me: Easter, the conclusion of the football league, and the annual tradition of refreshing my personal website design. This year is more pertinent than usual being one year since I started freelancing. No More Logo I’ve ditched my logo. It was large and a little out-dated. I work independently, my name and face are my brand alongside my design aesthetic, […]

Gulp: First Impressions

Grunt has long been my command line companion of choice. It has served me well. I have no complaints but I’ve read many obituaries so this week I sat down to test Gulp, its supposed successor. These are my first impressions. My use case is very particular, see related articles: Automation The Flat Build The Flat Build (2) Origin Updates to Origin Gulp […]

Tales update: Spanish Translation

v1.1 of my Tales WordPress theme includes a new Spanish translation. Many thanks to Mike Walsh for contributing the translation and adapting my theme for his own website Imaginalgo — looks great! See my blog post “Introducing Tales” for more information about the theme.

Introducing Tales

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a little project that I’m excited to announce. That project is called Tales and it’s available today. Tales is a responsive WordPress theme tailored for a beautiful reading experience. Its strength and design principle can be summed up in one word; simplicity. Visit the Tales Demo website to see […]

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