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As Seen on Smashing Magazine

You may have caught my recent experiment — well I’ve gone and written a very thorough examination for Smashing Magazine. Read my latest article: “Implementing Off-Canvas Navigation For A Responsive Website”. I do enjoy writing for @smashingmag. They’re genuinely some of the nicest people ever to email me. As I leave London this year I plan to dedicate more time to long […]

Responsive Mistakes: Less is More

This is part 2 of my responsive mistakes mini-series. Responsive design musing often leans towards a mobile bias. It’s obvious why. After years of desktop-centric design, mobile is brimming with fresh opportunity. As it turns out, the mobile perspective is very helpful for us and our clients. Designing for small viewports forces content to the forefront of discussion. […]

Responsive Mistakes (a mini-series)

Last week I shared some front-end experience with 5 tips for responsive builds. It received positive feedback so I thought it’d be fun to continue with a new mini-series. This month I’ll be focusing on the mistakes we make. Without further ado, let’s start with the biggest: Smart Phone, Tablet, Desktop As a composition to highlight the benefits of responsive […]

5 Tips for Responsive Builds

If design and content strategy stops when the build phase starts it’s time to rethink your process. The role of a modern front-end developer goes beyond following pre-defined blueprints. An iterative, agile-like approach is vital to account for responsive design challenges that inevitably arise as a website takes shape. With that in mind here are my 5 […]

A New Beginning

Everything changes for me at the end of January. After a wonderful 18 months at Browser and five years living in London I’m heading home, back up north to Manchester — and then almost immediately back down south for Responsive Day Out — but after that I’ll be starting something new. What’s Next? London was a great place to start […]

A Year of Writing

They say a monkey hitting keys at random will reproduce the works of Shakespeare, eventually. I only had a year but I did manage to produce something worthy of sharing. Here’s a recap of my best efforts, as inadvertently voted by you: Most Shared of 2012 The State of Web Design, 2013 10 Dec — 60 shares The Real […]

A Responsive Off-Canvas Menu

Have a play with my responsive off-canvas menu. I hadn’t intended this to go viral (I’m well aware of the issues!) but since it has I decided to write a proper introduction. A couple of things to note — this was purely a technical demo to see the performance of CSS transforms & transitions (I’ve built experimental monstrosities in the past […]