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The State of Web Design, 2013

To wrap up 2011 I wrote a few thoughts on web design looking forward. Because I found it so helpful to remain focused with this personal reference, I’m doing it again this year. I encourage you to do the same! This all stemmed from a tweet back in October. It’s fine to observe and copy trends, but it’s […]

Responsive Day Out

I’ll be speaking at the Responsive Day Out conference in Brighton, 1st March 2013. Grab a ticket now because at £50+VAT they’ll be sold out very soon! And they’re gone! Jeremy Keith explains more on his blog. It’s a kind of conference, I guess, but I think of it as more like a gathering of like-minded people getting together to share […]

The Mobile Book

Smashing Magazine’s The Mobile Book is due for dispatch soon. Having had the opportunity to read it I’ll cut to the chase for those deliberating a purchase: it’s well worth the cover price. The e-book edition is a steal! Let it be known that this book goes beyond designing for the Web. The core themes are mobile […]

Responsive Bases & Vertical Spaces

Build a responsive design and you’ll find yourself knee deep in relative units and percentage widths. Media queries are the weapon of choice to adjust CSS on viewport change. Almost every example I’ve seen (and made) are based exclusively on the viewport width. What about height? The Baseline Grid As an exercise in ‘perfection’ when I last updated my […]

Design Books for Sale

Based in the UK? Like design, books, design books, book design? I’ve got just what you need. I’m selling a few of my design books. These are all top notch and have served me well (some since the uni days). Today I’m all digital and sadly have no room for a physical book collection. I want to see […]

The Real Cost of Retina

When the new iPad went on sale earlier this year the interest in high-resolution website design skyrocketed. We saw an influx of half-baked “Retina” solutions. Alongside this the bigger picture — so to speak — of responsive images produced lengthy debate. We’re starting to see the fruits of that labour with a new picture element proposal. This is a good […]

Pikaday: JavaScript datepicker

Pikaday is a JavaScript datepicker with a light footprint and easy style-ability with modular CSS. It’s in ‘developer preview mode’ but already looking great: Why now? Because as much as we like open standards, the HTML5 input types lack browser support and are poorly implemented in places; see Chrome (22 as of writing) below: This leaves us with a tricky […]