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A Responsive Design Case Study

The many-device Web we use today has unearthed new design methodologies. Designing one website for 3.5”–30” screens and everything between and beyond is a tricky challenge. The Web is like any other medium; it has limitations. You wouldn’t try to print a super thin font or full-colour photography on uncoated newspaper stock and expect high fidelity. The […]

Nestable jQuery Plugin

I’ve started writing a jQuery plugin called Nestable — try it out. Nestable is an interactive hierarchical list. You can drag and drop to rearrange the order. It even works well on touch-screens. If you’re familiar with the way WordPress allows the user to manage menus, this will be used for a similar UI. The only similar […]


If you’re a website developer, subscriptions to the JavaScript Weekly and HTML5 Weekly newsletters are mandatory. Even in the days of Twitter they’re a goldmine of knowledge. As it happens, my Socialite.js project makes an appearance in Issue #82! My praise of these newsletters is in no way disingenuous; it really is an honour (albeit a very geeky one). I’m […]

Search & Responsive Design

As a Websitemaker the only thing you need to know about search engines (Google) is that they rank quality and relevance. Not the density of keywords, not the number of inbound links, certainly not the colour of your hat. Applying an “SEO” perspective to your website is one more obfuscated step between you and your users. […]

Socialite 2 Preview

I’ve just uploaded a developer preview of Socialite v2.0 over at GitHub. Socialite allows you to delay the loading of social sharing buttons (which aren’t very popular at the moment [1] [2]). This speeds up the load of important content dramatically. It also means you can initialise new buttons for dynamically loaded content at any time. Version 2 […]

The Restriction of Type

Responsive website design is incredibly difficult to get right. It’s often said that designing for content is the key to success. In the screenshots below you can see the websites of Elliot Jay Stocks, Jeffrey Zeldman, and Information Architects, all of which have had a redesign/realign this year with content as their priority and thus typography as their paintbrush. There are […]

JavaScript Bookmarklets

I love a good JavaScript bookmarklet. They’re fun to play with and a great way to hack around on a live website with new code without affecting anyone else’s experience. They can also become part of your service; think Readability’s ‘Read Now’ or Pinterest’s ‘Pin it!’. A bookmarklet begins with the following shell: Here we’re enclosing a self-invoking function within a basic URI […]