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Macaque: A New Project

Today I started a new project. Macaque will be a personal to-do or list app. Sounds simple, right? Unlike my other side projects I’m coding and designing in public from day one. This project exists because: I want to learn more Node and Ember I’ve failed to find a list app I like (oh lord, please don’t suggest one) I’d like to […]

The Flat Build (2)

My article The Flat Build was a slow burner but it has picked up steam recently and for the first time in like, forever, I’m building a pre-designed* website without having design influence. This has proven to be a good opportunity to refine and expand upon my flat build workflow (again). I’m aware I’m reinventing more than […]

On Responsive Layout and Grids

I often get asked which responsive grid system I use. This is a very frustrating question because it implies a requirement where I have none. With the myriad solutions presented I can’t blame people for thinking they have a choice to make. This article is my response to that question. Anatomy of a grid system Responsive grid systems […]

The Flat Build

The flat build is the process of coding a static website in HTML & CSS without worrying about complete functionality or CMS integration. UI prototypes, responsive design layouts, or even the initial stages of final front-end development. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that merging the design and dev process in an iterative workflow is key to a […]


I used to believe hand-crafting every line of code was a necessity. I u-turned on that opinion and adopted CSS preprocessors with much gusto last year. It wasn’t so much the syntactical learning curve that initially put me off — they’re familiar if you’ve done any kind of programming — it was the perceived “added complexity” they […]

A Responsive Day Out

Me on stage with Jeremy Keith, Tom Maslen, and Sarah Parmenter. Photos by Laura Kalbag and Marc Thiele. On Friday 1st March, I spoke at Responsive Day Out in Brighton. Videos at Besquare, Audio of all talks is available and you can click along to my slides too. What a wonderful day! When Jeremy asked me to speak last year, March seemed eons away. I’ve never spoken […]

Bring Back the Sitemap?

I’m doing a small segment on navigation at Responsive Day Out (1st March). It’s an area of responsive design I enjoy experimenting with. You’re probably familiar with responsive patterns that transform a traditional menu into something mobile-friendly. Combinations thereof cover most scenarios. If nothing suffices it might be more apt to focus on information architecture before attacking code again. Table of contents For small viewports […]

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