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Design Books for Sale

Based in the UK? Like design, books, design books, book design? I’ve got just what you need. I’m selling a few of my design books. These are all top notch and have served me well (some since the uni days). Today I’m all digital and sadly have no room for a physical book collection. I want to see […]

The Real Cost of Retina

When the new iPad went on sale earlier this year the interest in high-resolution website design skyrocketed. We saw an influx of half-baked “Retina” solutions. Alongside this the bigger picture — so to speak — of responsive images produced lengthy debate. We’re starting to see the fruits of that labour with a new picture element proposal. This is a good […]

Pikaday: JavaScript datepicker

Pikaday is a JavaScript datepicker with a light footprint and easy style-ability with modular CSS. It’s in ‘developer preview mode’ but already looking great: Why now? Because as much as we like open standards, the HTML5 input types lack browser support and are poorly implemented in places; see Chrome (22 as of writing) below: This leaves us with a tricky […]

Groundhog Day

“ahhhhhh!” — is what I tweeted on this fine Sunday evening. (And some people choose not to follow me?) What provoked this dramatic outburst was every designers’ worst nightmare; a sudden urge to “redesign” their website. June 2009, August 2009, June 2010, May 2011, February 2012. At this point the cycle is hardly a surprise and I guess I should […]

What is the medium?

A must read on A List Apart: The Web Aesthetic, by Paul Robert Lloyd. The article above is jam packed with goodness. I’ve been racking my brain this year trying to understand the web as a medium and Paul does a wonderfully succinct job of encapsulating that idea in a way that I’ve never quite managed. To properly design […]

Agile Website Design

At Browser we’ve been transitioning into an Agile development process. If you know nothing about Agile, it involves breaking down a project into individual requirements and delivering them within an iterative release cycle. This not only allows for a feedback loop involving client and agency alike, but it also gives an evolving indication of time and […]

I’m bored with code

The state of the browser defines our freedom as website makers. Browsers are a constant source of frustration. For every step forward they take so does the horizon. New possibilities emerge; expectations are raised. What is seen as “modern” is always just beyond our ability. It has always been my desire to deliver websites at […]