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A Primer to Front-end SVG Hacking

Using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) on websites is a lot safer than many front-end developers think. Authoring aside — I wouldn’t suggest trying to hand-code an illustration more complex than a triangle* — the standard is well supported in browsers today and perfect for resolution independence when CSS and icon fonts aren’t suitable. * Quick fire question: […]

A New Home

Welcome to my new website. I haven’t rebranded entirely — what you see bears many similarities to updates past — but I am launching a new stage in my career. 2013 is the year I go freelance. This site now represents my web design and front-end development services. It’s heavily content-centric in design. And responsive, of course! It has a newfound simplicity. That’s not […]

Gloople: Responsive Design Review

Following last year’s Passenger Focus case study, today I present the Gloople responsive design review. Gloople is an ecommerce platform with emphasis on social and mobile. We designed and built the website at Browser. Please bear in mind this is a beta registration launch. The final site, fully optimised, and the ecommerce platform will arive later this year. Sign […]

Multiple Accounts and SSH Keys

Now that I’m officially a self-employed freelancer I plan to blog more frequently. In the past I’ve rarely written very technical articles, but I imagine there are many designer/front-end developer types like me who struggle with this stuff. Tomorrow I’ll post a big responsive design case study, I promise. Today I moved my private code repositories onto Bitbucket […]

Re: jQuery Animation vs CSS

In response to my Smashing Magazine article on implementing off-canvas navigation I received a great comment by Michael Benin: Dropping in these two plugins should achieve what is accomplished in this article using CSS, and furthermore will utilize RAF. It would be interesting for you to run the same tests against JS/jQuery with these jQuery plugins. I agreed that these […]

As Seen on Smashing Magazine

You may have caught my recent experiment — well I’ve gone and written a very thorough examination for Smashing Magazine. Read my latest article: “Implementing Off-Canvas Navigation For A Responsive Website”. I do enjoy writing for @smashingmag. They’re genuinely some of the nicest people ever to email me. As I leave London this year I plan to dedicate more time to long […]

Responsive Mistakes: Less is More

This is part 2 of my responsive mistakes mini-series. Responsive design musing often leans towards a mobile bias. It’s obvious why. After years of desktop-centric design, mobile is brimming with fresh opportunity. As it turns out, the mobile perspective is very helpful for us and our clients. Designing for small viewports forces content to the forefront of discussion. […]

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