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5 Tips for Responsive Builds

If design and content strategy stops when the build phase starts it’s time to rethink your process. The role of a modern front-end developer goes beyond following pre-defined blueprints. An iterative, agile-like approach is vital to account for responsive design challenges that inevitably arise as a website takes shape. With that in mind here are my 5 […]

A New Beginning

Everything changes for me at the end of January. After a wonderful 18 months at Browser and five years living in London I’m heading home, back up north to Manchester — and then almost immediately back down south for Responsive Day Out — but after that I’ll be starting something new. What’s Next? London was a great place to start […]

A Year of Writing

They say a monkey hitting keys at random will reproduce the works of Shakespeare, eventually. I only had a year but I did manage to produce something worthy of sharing. Here’s a recap of my best efforts, as inadvertently voted by you: Most Shared of 2012 The State of Web Design, 2013 10 Dec — 60 shares The Real […]

A Responsive Off-Canvas Menu

Have a play with my responsive off-canvas menu. I hadn’t intended this to go viral (I’m well aware of the issues!) but since it has I decided to write a proper introduction. A couple of things to note — this was purely a technical demo to see the performance of CSS transforms & transitions (I’ve built experimental monstrosities in the past […]

The State of Web Design, 2013

To wrap up 2011 I wrote a few thoughts on web design looking forward. Because I found it so helpful to remain focused with this personal reference, I’m doing it again this year. I encourage you to do the same! This all stemmed from a tweet back in October. It’s fine to observe and copy trends, but it’s […]

Responsive Day Out

I’ll be speaking at the Responsive Day Out conference in Brighton, 1st March 2013. Grab a ticket now because at £50+VAT they’ll be sold out very soon! And they’re gone! Jeremy Keith explains more on his blog. It’s a kind of conference, I guess, but I think of it as more like a gathering of like-minded people getting together to share […]

The Mobile Book

Smashing Magazine’s The Mobile Book is due for dispatch soon. Having had the opportunity to read it I’ll cut to the chase for those deliberating a purchase: it’s well worth the cover price. The e-book edition is a steal! Let it be known that this book goes beyond designing for the Web. The core themes are mobile […]

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