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Some days I wear my perfectionist hat, other days I wear my pragmatist hat. I would much prefer to wear a MailChimp chimp hat but that’s neither here nor there. * Web standards are not perfect as this month’s hilariously geeky <time> element debacle has reminded us. The practice and adoption of standards from both browsers and developers […]

Learning from the crazy ones

I’ve been reading the Steve Jobs biography and a quote in the Jony Ive chapter (half way through the book) from Jobs really stood out: “In most people’s vocabularies, design means veneer, but to me, nothing could be further from the meaning of design. Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing […]

Reaction Time

Last week I wrote about device optimisation which adds a much needed bit of pragmatism to the holy grail of timeless, device-agnostic website design. I touched on a technique that I’ll expand here because it can be used more generically. If you’re going for a responsive layout with interactive elements this makes a massive difference to UX. Relative […]

The Thoughtful Touches

I just finished building a website! I’m afraid it’s not live just yet but there are a few thoughts I’d like to share, so if you can get your imagination running I promise not to waste your time! (No refunds.) It’s different than other websites I’ve built because it’s 90% photography — think fullscreen slideshows. While the […]

The JavaScript Refresh

Those of us who care a little about progressive enhancement and accessibility will be well aware of the “JavaScript refresh”. This is when the page initially renders — visible to the user — before deferred JavaScript kicks in. Think jQuery’s $(document).ready() or similar. This problem occurs from very good practices. We have to make sure pages are accessible pre-JavaScript. […]

The User / The Public

I’ll start by recommending the book that has influenced this article: Public Parts: How Sharing in the Digital Age Improves the Way We Work and Live. Author Jeff Jarvis is an interesting guy. He’s an old school journalist who is well versed in the web and what is has to offer the future. If you want to understand “privacy” […]

Web Apps and iOS5

One less advertised feature of iOS5 is Mobile Safari CSS support for position:fixed. Much overdue, and very useful for creating “web apps” where navigation bars are fixed to the viewport’s edge (top or bottom), allowing content to scroll naturally underneath. Some mobile bowsers already support this (see Mobile HTML5 and When can I use…) and all modern desktop browsers […]