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Re: Social Media Buttons

.net magazine recently published the Big question: should we drop social media buttons with opinions and anecdotes from various professionals. Two common arguments against them are: Page load Social widgets are massive. They’re effectively additional websites sandboxed within tiny iframes and most are poorly optimised. Facebook’s “like” button is appalling. This problem cannot be understated and I developed Socialite.js for exactly that […]

Vector graphics, Retina, and You

It’s Friday 13th. It’s been a long and productive week, I’ll try to keep this light-hearted :) I’m going to use this post to combine two rants. One on the use of the word “Retina”, another on live conference tweeting. I saw this retweeted the other day: “I think CSS is our best vector-based drawing tool in […]

On the tools of our trade

This year I’ve been making a conscious effort to change my tune when discussing particular methodologies and tools used in our fine art of website making. When we launched Passenger Focus at Browser I wrote “A Responsive Design Case Study” and for me it’s the best article I’ve ever written on this blog. I present my design and […]

jQuery 2.0, “Goodbye Old IE”

jQuery 2.0, expected release “early 2013”, will drop support for Internet Explorer 6–8. jQuery was conceived specifically to address the differences in browsers, so we’re not going to abandon the essence of our philosophy and simply disregard the millions of active Internet users who (for whatever reasons) still use oldIE. Yet we also want to move […]

A Responsive Design Case Study

The many-device Web we use today has unearthed new design methodologies. Designing one website for 3.5”–30” screens and everything between and beyond is a tricky challenge. The Web is like any other medium; it has limitations. You wouldn’t try to print a super thin font or full-colour photography on uncoated newspaper stock and expect high fidelity. The […]

Nestable jQuery Plugin

I’ve started writing a jQuery plugin called Nestable — try it out. Nestable is an interactive hierarchical list. You can drag and drop to rearrange the order. It even works well on touch-screens. If you’re familiar with the way WordPress allows the user to manage menus, this will be used for a similar UI. The only similar […]


If you’re a website developer, subscriptions to the JavaScript Weekly and HTML5 Weekly newsletters are mandatory. Even in the days of Twitter they’re a goldmine of knowledge. As it happens, my Socialite.js project makes an appearance in Issue #82! My praise of these newsletters is in no way disingenuous; it really is an honour (albeit a very geeky one). I’m […]

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