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Web Browsers in Docker

Last week I wrote about my new Docker strategy for build tools. Following that I wondered if I could containerise browser testing too. Not just headless automation, but real click around, inspector tools usage. Admittedly I thought this was a silly idea from the get-go. The results, however, have surprised me. The Setup Docker containers are usually […]

macOS Big Reinstall

Sometimes you have to take the nuclear option. After two years of coding on my Mac Mini I had littered the thing with so much developer cruft that getting work done had become a real struggle. Build tools were fighting for dominance in my $PATH. My day job is all Node.js but sometime I get bored. […]

Raspberry Pi + Manjaro ARM + Btrfs

This is the sort of thing I do Sunday mornings in the midst of a COVID lockdown. Copy-and-pasting commands I vaguely understand between reps with the barbell. I’ve documented my steps below. The example commands are for Arch-based Linux. Other distros will differ but the concepts are not exclusive. The basic idea is to: Install a […]

Changing CSS for Good

I’m dropping “left“ and “right“ from my lexicon. The new CSS normal is all about Logical Properties and Values. This is week four of a large front-end build I’m working on. The primary deliverables are a pattern library alongside two dozen templates. With opportunity for design iteration as code is formalised it’s the perfect project. It’s […]

Self Hosted (part 2)

This is a follow up to my ongoing adventures in self-hosting. My goal is to avoid 3rd party internet services that have a habit of unreliable connectivity, tracking, and bait-and-switch payment models. It’s also just a fun nerdy hobby. As a home server I’ve been running a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) with Ubuntu on the SD […]

2020 in Review

2020 started on a positive note for me. I blogged again after a yearlong hiatus. I guess I’d lost my web mojo in 2019. Too much Twitter can have that effect. Sometime in February on the bus to the gym I read about the Coronavirus. I pulled my […]

Svelte vs React

My early impressions of Svelte were positive but my test drive didn’t venture far. Since then I’ve built a more substantial client website using Svelte in part. Using it in production has given me a greater understanding. I’m comparing Svelte to React because the latter has been my tool of choice for years. A few […]