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Adobe Edge Preview

My first foray into programming was Flash ActionScript and thus I’ve always had a place in my heart for the damned software. (With the release of ActionScript 3 I even learnt a bit about real programming.) Even now — despite my flag waving for web standards — I do still secretly love Flash, regardless of how deprecated it […]

The Social Designer

Earlier this month I wrote an article about self promotion online as a designer (read Speak to Me over at xheight). I summed it up to this sentiment: Self promotion is not about pushing an ego onto others, it’s simply about making yourself visible and accessible. One thing I realised quickly in my career is the importance of […]

Solving a Problem like Change

A while back the Gawkernetwork redesigned their line-up and the Internet revolted. It was bad, very _very _bad. The design, the usability, the technical implementation—it had people scratching their heads. Yesterday TechCrunchlaunched a redesign and, well, it’s not quite ‘a Gawker’. We used AOL Paint, which comes free on the AOL CD and has this sweet UltraLogoMatic2000 feature. To […]

Circle me (Google+)

Have you seen Google+? Aside from making the name of their “like button” (Google+1) suddenly make a lot more sense, Google+ seems to be a very intuitive mix between Twitter & Facebook. And I really like it (or +1 it, I guess). For me Twitter is a broadcast and promotional tool, real conversation is very difficult. Facebook is just […]

Ampersand Conference

Yesterday I braved the “adverse weather conditions” to attend Ampersand, the web typography conference in Brighton. My expectations were undecided. I knew I didn’t want to see a show & tell, nor basic print typography knowledge presented as a new web-revelation (neither is it new, nor new to the web). Thankfully I was rewarded with an […]

Don’t copy that floppy!

I’ve written a new article for Smashing Magazine entitled Understanding Copyright & Licenses. It’s a primer for web designers and developers. Give it a read, let me know what you think. I do like to tackle the difficult topics. They often require a lot of research and I tend to arrive at the other end knowing a […]

Design it. Build it.

Location: The Sage, Gateshead. Event: Design It. Build It. The two-track web conference. This is my third conference of the year and I’m getting exceedingly good at it! A trip up to DIBI meant a late evening train from Kings Cross, a late night arrival to the pre-party (a bit of catching up to do) and an early-ish […]