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Responsive Tables (and a calendar demo)

Update see more responsive tables progress (5th Jan). A real short post for future reference! I’m experimenting with a responsive calendar design and build. See my very rough responsive calendar demo. I’ve found through trial, error, and much pondering that the idea of a responsive calendar is actually not that complex. My demo needs more considered breakpoints and design tweaks but […]

Web Design: 2012 and Beyond

The year is ending, I guess it’s time to look forward? 2011 has been the best year of my career so far. I left my previous job to join Browser, an unexpected but excellent move! I’ve been refining my front-end development skills and design process. Next year we’ll have big websites to launch that I plan to showcase here. […]

Socialite.js Preview

You’ve all seen social sharing buttons. Twitter’s “tweet”, Facebook’s “like” etc. Here’s a screenshot from a popular blog to refresh your memory: They have their place on a website if used intelligently — that’s a big if! They’re difficult to design around and a nightmare for front-end development. The copy-and-paste code for each button includes a default element and […]

Window Resize in JS

I will write a full article on responsive website design & JavaScript soon, but for now here’s a quick snippet! (With a little help from jQuery, naturally.) The basic idea is that you don’t want to be hammering the window resize event because it gets fired repeatedly when a user manually resizes their browser. Instead you […]

Reaction Time (2)

A few weeks ago I wrote Reaction Time explaining the art of relative interactivity. Today I found another perfect example! I’m using a technique based on Ariel Flesler’s excellent jQuery scrollTo plugin. The plugin scrolls the document until a specific element is in view. The set up: I have several tabs on my page that update content below […]

Looking Forward

Watch this TEDxSantaCruz talk by Roger McNamee published in July. He made five very compelling hypothesis around the future of the internet and the web. Please ignore the irony of the above video if it happens to embed with Flash! YouTube promises HTML5 video in the future through the wonders of this iframe… Watch all 16 minutes, it’s well […]

In Favour of Semantics

The true value of a website is its content. Data — until semantics and presentation turn it into information. If that value is true we can therefore infer that semantics reign supreme in front-end website production. The thing is, not all content is created equally. There needs to be a pragmatic interpretation of how content is represented. For […]

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