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Hey, I was reading that…

I’m a huge fan of web typography, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer to catch up with print. Twitter surged last week with the news of Futura’s arrival at Typekit. Futura PT’s classic design — tall ascenders, near perfect geometric shapes — make it both instantly recognizable and irrepressibly modern. Indeed, and browser rendering makes it entirely unrecognisable. […]

Don’t tell me where to click

“click here”, “read more”, “next” – a bad habit that just won’t go away, and I’m to blame as much as the next designer (at least the “more” end of the spectrum, if that will save integrity). Why is “click here” so bad? Good link text should not be overly general; don’t use “click here.” Not only is […]

Simplicity in UI - IA Writer for Mac

IA Writer for Mac looks like the sort of product I’d download immediately, and I did! It has all the designer’s preferred aesthetics. It’s minimalist, typography focused and beautifully simple. Designers often get a lot of heat for their style-orientated tastes but in reality most of us understand how important user interface design is; it’s far more […]

Designing a new me

I often say that aesthetics are the least important part of a website design. Content and functionality are miles ahead of anything else. It’s obvious really, why would people visit unless you have some substance? They’re so important that design should focus on layout and architecture and only then should aesthetics be considered. It’s refreshing! I’ve had online […]

#FOWD Day Two Review

I was a few minutes late today (apparently I didn’t have time for a tactical Maccy D’s bacon roll) which almost cost me dearly! A change in schedule meant Ethan Marcotte was up first with: Responsive Web Design This was suppose to be the headline act. I think a lot of people who missed this morning (a lot […]

#FOWD Day One Review

This is my first year at Future of Web Design so I was unsure what to expect but secretly I knew it’d be pretty awesome. What a learning experience. Below is a bit of a brain dump so I don’t forget, but I think everyone can benefit from these notes – the ideas were so strong they […]

Attending FOWD 2011

Only two days before this year’s Future of Web Design! I’m excited, thanks to the fine folks at Smashing Magazine I’ll be attending both seminar days. Say hello! I’m not a fan of the two track structure as I’ll have to miss some talks live (though I’ll be able to catch them online later). I’m going to skip […]