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What does Design mean to you?

I write a lot about my experiences as a professional Web Designer. Writing helps shape my understanding. Sometimes I’ll start writing on a topic only to realise I know less than I thought I did. What fascinates me more though is reading what other designers have to say. For that reason I’m planning to launch a new blog […]

Inspire me now!

There are many things that inspire me – some I’d be embarrassed to admit! – but a combination of graphics, typography and a great quotation is certain to be a winner. I’ve never really been a quote type of person though, because my memory isn’t geared to remembering that sort of stuff.  I even set up a […]

In Search of the Perfect CAPTCHA

I’ve been on quite the journey over the last few weeks… …searching for the perfect CAPTCHA! You can read my findings over at Smashing Magazine – big thanks to the team for their support and guidance in writing this article – I’m still immensly honoured! It’s also been quite an eye-opener to the issues of accessibility. That’s something I’m […]

Is it Time to Realign?

Every so often I get the designers itch, Obviously, I’m referring to the need to redesign my whole website and personal identity. After realising how much time that would take (a lot) and how much time I have (none) I opt for a realign to fix some short comings of the old version. It also allows me […]

Design without Lorem Ipsum

Back in August 2009 I made a vow never to use Lorem Ipsum again! Partly because I could recite more words of Lorem Ipsum than I could numbers of Pi, but mainly because I noticed it encouraged bad design habits and impeded feedback and discussion in client meetings. I don’t agree with some of my thoughts from 2009, […]

G’Day Mate!

A wonderful package arrived on my desk this morning! It contained the CSS Awwwards book from The CSS Awards* honouring the best CSS Websites of 2010 - that’s a lot of CSS! I’m Mr July 9. It makes me happy but humbled, especially sat next to The Mid-Century Modernist - a site far more worthy of such an accolade. I […]

A Month of Interests

If you don’t follow my Design Heroes blog these are the links that I’ve found inspiring, useful or just plain funny over the last month! Foundation I watch and listen to a lot of podcasts but Foundation by Kevin Rose is one of the more exciting ones to appear recently. It’s all about web start-ups and innovation online. […]