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Web Fonts just got interesting

Around this time last year I was blogging about the then-new Typekit service and the news of Typotheque offering web licenses. I enquired as to when (or whether) the big font foundries would embrace the new world of web fonts. Or if they would sit back and watch the licensing nightmare unfold. Well, this month has answered a few of […]

Summer of Design Heroes

The trouble with writing for two design blogs is that all the positive stuff tends to drift towards one of them (especially when it’s called Design Heroes). So in an effort to balance the love I present a run down of all the brilliant creativity I’ve been blogging about over the last few months. Favourites of June Hayaku: A Time Lapse […]

Photoshop like a Real Designer

There has been a lot of debate recently in the web design social networks about whether a web designer should be able to code. I didn’t contribute much to the question because the answer is obviously yes, but I did think long and hard about my own practices. Today Smashing Magazine published a great article by […]

Stop being a Designer from Hell

There’s more to being a professional designer than pushing around pixels. I realise the truth behind this more and more every day. I’d estimate I spend somewhere between 10–25% of my week interacting with clients. This relationship dictates everything I do in my job. If I want to enjoy it and produce design to be […]

On design blogging

I’ve never liked the term “blogging”. It sounds a bit buzzy but I guess it’s becoming more acceptable these days. I still refuse to use the word “tweeting” in real life conversation without following it up with “I can’t believe I said that”. Ignoring the vocabulary blogging and tweeting have become a big part of my professional […]

Morning design blogs

I’d like to say I spend my mornings sat peacefully in my slippers, a nice cup of tea to hand, the sun steadily rising in my kitchen window while I casually read the latest design blogs on my MacBook Pro. I would like to say that. But most mornings are a frantic bewildered rush to […]

HTML5 for Web Designers

The latest addition to my design book library (well, shelf) is the much anticipated HTML5 for Web Designers by Jeremy Keith, published by A Book Apart. The HTML5 spec is 900 pages and hard to read. HTML5 for Web Designers is 85 pages and fun to read. Easy choice. I’ve been very excited to read this book […]