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Save the planet with CSS!

I’ve been quiet lately (big updates on the horizon) so a quick one for this evening: My pre-launch checklist for website builds has always include “create print.css”. Most of the time I forget (or ignore it). It seems like the default thing to do though. Until you think about it. Who prints web pages? I do sometimes. Invoices, receipts, […]

Moving on

I’ve been the Senior Web Designer (and front-end dev) at Base Creative, London for the last three years. I’ve worked on great projects with amazing clients, making the Web that little bit better. But sadly nothing can stay the same forever, and despite fond memories, I’ve decided to move on. Next Monday I’ll be joining Browser Creative, continuing with […]

Adobe Edge Preview

My first foray into programming was Flash ActionScript and thus I’ve always had a place in my heart for the damned software. (With the release of ActionScript 3 I even learnt a bit about real programming.) Even now — despite my flag waving for web standards — I do still secretly love Flash, regardless of how deprecated it […]

The Social Designer

Earlier this month I wrote an article about self promotion online as a designer (read Speak to Me over at xheight). I summed it up to this sentiment: Self promotion is not about pushing an ego onto others, it’s simply about making yourself visible and accessible. One thing I realised quickly in my career is the importance of […]

Solving a Problem like Change

A while back the Gawkernetwork redesigned their line-up and the Internet revolted. It was bad, very _very _bad. The design, the usability, the technical implementation—it had people scratching their heads. Yesterday TechCrunchlaunched a redesign and, well, it’s not quite ‘a Gawker’. We used AOL Paint, which comes free on the AOL CD and has this sweet UltraLogoMatic2000 feature. To […]

Circle me (Google+)

Have you seen Google+? Aside from making the name of their “like button” (Google+1) suddenly make a lot more sense, Google+ seems to be a very intuitive mix between Twitter & Facebook. And I really like it (or +1 it, I guess). For me Twitter is a broadcast and promotional tool, real conversation is very difficult. Facebook is just […]

Ampersand Conference

Yesterday I braved the “adverse weather conditions” to attend Ampersand, the web typography conference in Brighton. My expectations were undecided. I knew I didn’t want to see a show & tell, nor basic print typography knowledge presented as a new web-revelation (neither is it new, nor new to the web). Thankfully I was rewarded with an […]

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