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I’m Not Sure About Website Dark Mode

I’m a bit late to the party but I added a dark mode toggle to my website. My new design launched this week and it defaults to light mode. The thing is, I’m not convinced the implementation in web browsers is ideal. Dark mode is usually my software default. In macOS and Android I have it […]

I’ve Only Gone and Redesigned my Website, Again

This is the tenth iteration of my website in about as many years. It’s hard to keep track. I have the old versions on ice somewhere (and a project in mind). My last redesign back in 2016 – that seems so long ago! – was a fairly large rebrand. Overall I’m happy with the job I […]

Turn the Pi-hole Admin Dashboard into a Progressive Web App

Pi-hole describes itself as “A black hole for Internet advertisements”. I think the GitHub description is more apt: The Pi-hole® is a DNS sinkhole that protects your devices from unwanted content … Fewer ads are nice, but tracker and malware blocking at the LAN DNS level is nicer. Pi-hole is the first install of my self-hosted adventure. The […]

Hardware and Self Hosting

Today my main computer is a Mac Mini 2018. Quite likely the last Mac I’ll buy for day-to-day work. I’d like it to last a little longer than previous ones. Following Apple’s ARM chip announcement I have my doubts about future support. Here’s my office setup: I was a dual-monitor person for years. That changed […]

PWA Encryption and Auto Sign-in

Mute Swan is a progressive web app I’ve been coding for my own amusement. It’s a playground for me to mess around with experimental web standards. Also to remind myself to buy milk. I’ve recently implemented hidden Dropbox backup and sync functionality. With that in place I decided that my grocery list was of […]

Bubblewrap Apps in Android Studio

Bubblewrap is a convenient tool to generate an Android app from a Progressive Web App. I used it to bundle my PWA recently. It’s run from the command line: Bubblewrap generates the build config and assets for the app. Continuing with bubblewrap build results in an .apk if you’ve installed the Android build tools. I opted to open […]

WordPress Gutenberg Example Blocks

Following my last article I’ve published a new GitHub repo: WordPress Gutenberg Example Blocks In there I’ve coded examples of Gutenberg block development wrapped up in a tidy WordPress plugin you can try out. I start with the most basic block possible. I follow with iterations of more advanced functionality. I’ve kept the boilerplate and dependencies to a […]