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Reading Month

It’s been over a month since my last blog post. What’s going on? A combination of very busy work and moving flat has meant my iMac and camera have both been boxed up. They now take centre stage on my new desk and it’s about time to rev up the personal project machine once again. But […]

It’s all over!

I started the daily photo project back on the 1st January (obviously) with plans to take a photo every day until 2011. Things were going well, that is until day 61. About 12 minutes after midnight I realised in a state of panic/relief that Day 60 did not have a photo. It’s surprising just how disappointing […]

1000 Cranes

A new project! The other week I was indirectly reminded (via twitter, obviously) about a previous obsession with Origami. To satisfy a sudden resurging demand to fold everything in half I picked up a few sheets of origami paper - and that was that. Well today a package arrived from Hong Kong along with a horrifying flash-back […]

Olympus E-P1

Ever since I started the daily photo project I’ve been looking to buy a digital camera. The iPhone’s camera has been surprisingly good but it doesn’t hold up to serious goat photography (scroll down). [photo was lost to time…] My choice came down to a toss up between the Olympus E-P1 (above) and the Panasonic Lumix GF1. […]

In search of Atlantis

Every get that feeling you’re out of the loop? People know something you don’t? I’ve been in London for closer to 2 years now, so it was starting to get slightly embarrassing that the nearest arts superstore I could recommend was over 200 miles away. Thankfully I’d heard rumours that the east-end housed my answer (evidence […]

First Thursday

Man, this month has been hectic! [photo was lost to time…] When I’m not at work I’m busy trying to finish an in-depth article on the future of interactive design (featuring the iPad :-). The delay might be a good thing because there has been a some excellent articles on the subject in the past couple days […]

Week in Film

So this arrived from the States today: [photo was lost to time…] Lemonade Movie (more info here). It’s the feel-good movie of the recession, following 16 creative-types who were laid off and decided to embrace a life they were missing. Odd coincidence that the UK recession died today. The press will have to find another source of fear […]