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V&A Decode

Yesterday I visited the V&A Decode exhibition. The exhibition describes itself as “bringing clarity to digital information in a visual way”. The brochure explains the three areas that are explored: “Code”, “Interactivity”, and “Network”. [photo was lost to time…] Yawn. Decode was so lame I can’t even be bothered to write this blog. To say I spent 40 […]

London Art Fair 2010

Quick blog before I attempt to visit the V&A Museum for the Decode exhibition. Last night I had a brief moment to sneak round the London Art Fair at the Business Design Centre. I work inside the BDC so there wasn’t much of an excuse for missing it, although I did my best with the […]

356 to go

One week, or nine days to be specific, down on my daily photo project. Watch me go on Flickr and/or Posterous where I’ll be photoblogging (phlogging?) daily. I’ll be analysing the project in a more “creative” sense on this blog. So here goes. [photo was lost to time…] The Challenge Upon starting the daily photo project I figured […]

All about the Old School

So far this week has very much had a retro feel to it which is a tad odd since we’ve just started a new year, but I’m not a “new year” kinda guy anyway. While I’m ploughing forward with new projects and gusto I’ve found three things that have made me more interested in looking […]

Frozen and Flickr

Around here it’s nearly zero and covered in snow. I decided to spend the day integrating Flickr. [photo was lost to time…] If you take a look in the right-hand column of my blog (under Twitter) you should see two of my latest Flickr photos. I say “should” because I’m not 100 percent on the Flickr API […]

Tweets and Tweaks

The most depressing thing about being a web designer/developer is that you spend all day making websites for other people. Your own little corner of the Internet gets neglected and all spider-webby. The web is rapidly developing with new tricks, techniques and opportunities. Rather than redesigning my whole website (which you should rarely, if ever […]

Happy New Year!

I know, I’m a few weeks early with the cheer (but this blog will have more legs). I’ve spent the weekend wrapping Xmas gifts for the family. As a “creative” person I’ve always felt slightly guilty about my poor wrapping skills. Last year I stepped it up a notch and use a large black marker to […]

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