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“AI” License

Content may be licensed for AI related use. A license is required on a per project basis for purposes including, but not limited to, “artificial intelligence”, data mining, data indexing, data hoarding, deep learning, machine learning, large language models, small language models, neural networks, and development and training of any AI related software.

Two license fee options are available:

  1. A single license fee of Β£100,000.00 (one hundred thousand GBP) for all content †
  2. A license fee of Β£1.00 (one GBP) per unicode character of content (UTF-8) ‑

† content published on or before the date of purchase
‑ I’ll throw in emojis for free (from “πŸ˜€” U+1F600 to U+1F64F “πŸ™”

I’ll accept USD if we can negotiate an exchange rate. No crypto.

“AI” License – Terms and Conditions

You accept and agree to these license terms by downloading, cloning, extracting, mirroring, ripping, photographing, scraping, syndicating, or by otherwise copying content from this website for AI related use as defined above.

Content is provided “as is” without warranty. You are responsible for obtaining any content you want to license. I will not provide assistance or support. I do not guarantee the accuracy or quality of content. I do not guarantee that any content will remain accessible. This license does not include any new or edited content after the date of purchase. I will not be liable for any damages arising from use of the content. All license fees are non-refundable. I reserve the right to refuse or revoke this license at any time.

You must email [email protected] within 30 days of accepting these terms. Please include your project and business details, content usage, and the license fee you want to pay. I will reply to your email with a PDF invoice attached. The invoice must be paid within 30 days.

For your convenience, by accessing this website and obtaining content for AI related purposes, you automatically opt-in and agree to these terms.

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