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Responsive Design on a Microsoft Surface and Nexus 4

The number of web-accessible devices is truly a wonder of our information age. This can be a daunting canvas for design without a responsive approach.

Mobile phones, tablets, desktops — can we even categorise these days? I specialise in embracing the web’s ubiquity. It’s my job to design for all experiences because successful websites remain accessible to the whole audience.

My web design and development process is heavily feedback driven. It allows for the best collaboration between both parties, utilising my expertise in web design alongside my clients unique understanding of their business.

Your website

Great design that works can’t be achieved in isolation. How does it work for your business? We’ll figure that out in the browser as the website evolves.

We’ll discuss: content, information architecture, business requirements, brand values, user stories, user experience — everything that defines a successful website — all the while testing and interacting with the design on our favourite devices.

It’s a fluid, adaptive process. Tell me about your website and we’ll go from there.

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