Responsive Design

The limitless number of web-accessible devices can be a daunting canvas for design without a modern responsive approach. I specialise in embracing the web’s ubiquity. It’s my job to design for all experiences because successful websites remain accessible to the whole audience.

David provided us with beautiful and cost effective templates for our CMS that surpassed our high expectations from both the design and the tech perspective.

Kevin Mueller – Studio Manager – Uwe Wittwer

My web design process is heavily feedback driven. It allows for the best collaboration between all parties; myself and other developers, website stateholders, and the eventual end-users.

Your website

Great design that works can’t be achieved in isolation. How does it work for your business? We’ll figure that out in the browser as the website evolves.

We’ll discuss: content, information architecture, business requirements, brand values, user stories, user experience — everything that defines a successful website. All the while testing and experiencing the design on our favourite devices.

It’s a fluid, adaptive process.

Tell me about your website and we’ll go from there.

I’m proud of my work and love to share it with permission. Here’s just a couple of projects I’ve been privileged to work on:

Check out my portfolio for a showcase of work spanning my entire career.

My services also include: front-end development, content management, and process & strategy.

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