My Life Listed

**My Life Listed **was designed to work on all devices, from smart phones, to tablets and normal desktop browsers. The detail and focus around usability has resulting in one of my favourite website designs yet.

Creating a consistent user interface was a big challenge and initial pencil & paper wireframes were an important part of the process. A strong visual hierarchy ensured that the website worked at all sizes. The use of strong blues and wooden browns created an instantly recognisable brand.

We decided to separate the mobile website to allow single focus on the main functionality; creating lists. This also allowed us to develop a very fast and bandwidth friendly site for mobile devices. The interface adjusts itself to take advantage of expected touchscreen behaviour.

You can read more about my design process on my blog: Designing My Life Listed.

David Bushell - Web Design - My Life Listed home page.

David Bushell - Web Design - My Life Listed sign up page.

Design and front-end development by David Bushell at Base Creative

Website launched in March 2011

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