About David Bushell

David quickly immersed himself within the workings of our industry, and created a plan that concisely reflected [our] needs

Jon Home, Director, Asset Management, King’s Transfer Van Lines Inc.

David Bushell

Based in the UK, somewhere near Manchester, I design and build websites as a freelancer for people all over the world.

If I gave myself a job title I suppose it would be Websitemaker. It gets straight to the point. While I specialise in design and front-end, my experience and knowledge covers a whole lot more. So if anyone asks, tell them I make websites.

“What attracted ASE to David was his unique approach to understanding our requirement, and his ability to work with us in driving out the structure, design, and most importantly the key messages and calls to action that we needed from our new website.”

“David was able to display sound reasoning and rationale for the decisions and advice provided to us, with solid industry best practice knowledge.”

Chris King, ASE Consulting


I create things for the web with longevity in mind. Why? Because designing for the future is profitable and leaves a lasting experience. While I’m not modest about my design and coding skills, what I pride myself in the most is the collaborative and thoughtful process I bring to my clients. This is the most enjoyable part of my job.


Starting 2013 I set up shop independently. For five years prior I worked professionally at digital agencies across London. On the Web, I consider myself self-taught. Hacking websites has fascinated me since the days of dial-up modems and floppy disks (this domain is almost a decade old).

My formal education on the other hand is firmly rooted in the finer arts. I graduated with 1st class honours in Graphic Design at Cumbria University. I write for Smashing Magazine. I have several popular projects on GitHub. I blog about web design here at dbushell.com and shares ideas, inspiration, and nonsense @dbushell and Google+.

Public Speaking

On March 1st, 2013, I spoke at the Responsive Day Out conference in Brighton, UK. My profile photo was taken by Marc Thiele during my talk.

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