My Projects


Projects that I’m working on now:

  • Cotton Coder β€” the curated bookmark blog of web dev curiosities
  • sauroPod β€” self-hosted podcast and audiobook media server and web app
  • DinoSsr β€” a minimal web framework for Deno and Svelte fans
  • β€” my permanent home and blog

These side projects keep me busy when I’m not working with clients. Not listed here are the regular workouts and running I enjoy to stay healthy.


Projects that are occasionally updated:

  • VelociRouter β€” a modern JavaScript URL Pattern API router
  • SvelteKit Adapter Deno β€” use SvelteKit with Deno and Deno Deploy
  • XML Streamify β€” fetch and parse XML documents using web streams and async iterators
  • Carriageway – run async and promise-returning functions with limited concurrency
  • Deno Stream Deck β€” custom JavaScript apps for the Elgato Stream Deck


Projects that I created but no longer use nor maintain:

  • Pikaday β€” the most popular JavaScript date picker
  • Socialite β€” performant asynchronous social sharing buttons

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