About David Bushell

Based in the UK, near Manchester, I design, build, and consult upon all things web for small (and large) businesses, start-ups, individuals, and fellow web agencies, all over the world.

dbushell.com front-end development

Though I specialise in front-end development my experience and knowledge covers the whole process. So if anyone asks tell them I make websites.

My Background

I have over a decade of professional experience. Prior to my life as a freelancer, I worked in London’s East End for five years at two digital agencies. I worked in senior client-facing roles with responsibility for web design and front-end development.

I’ve worked with just about every type of client and website imaginable. From public sector departments, to small local businesses, and those in-between like charities and entrepreneurs. I pride myself in a collaborative, considered, personable, and attentive approach. A process that is agile and evolving. Iterative and effective.

On the web I’m self-taught. Programming has fascinated me since the days of dial-up modems and floppy disks. My formal education is firmly rooted in the finer arts. I graduated with 1st class honours in Graphic Design at Cumbria University, UK.

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