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I design and build websites with a focus on standards, performance, and accessibility. With a decade of professional experience — in-house and remote — I’ve delivered for everyone. Whether it’s PWAs, WordPress, or full-stack frameworks, I have the know-how to help.

What my clients say

Highly skilled, personable, helpful and dedicated: David exceeded my expectations to deliver for us on a key project.

Frank Fenton – Head of Digital – Dinosaur UK Ltd.

Featured article

Offscreen Canvas and Web Workers

The OffscreenCanvas API is now supported in all modern browsers. Before I was using canvas to generate media session thumbnails for my podcast player. Now I can take this code off-screen! Out with the old: In with the new: Presumably the lack of DOM improves performance? I’ve no idea. What I care about is that OffscreenCanvas is available […]

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