2010 in Design

Funny how things never turn out how you expect them to.

Rewind a year and I find myself planning a big twenty-ten. After completing a very solid year in my pro web design career, 2010 was suppose to be all about exploring past passions in art and crafts. Replacing the mouse with a paint brush and all that nonsense.

I was stoked, so naturally January & Feb turned into the worst months of my otherwise healthy life. Not to delve into personal details but it was a very demoralising time.

But I recovered! yey!

I was back in the game, and it was now about web design and development. Screw the paintbrush it doesn’t support JavaScript half as well as Chrome.

A refreshing April appears on the horizon and I build my first HTML5 website with a re-design of Design Heroes. Give me a few months and I’ll be crushing the next-gen web standards like a pro, but for now I’m eyes deep in W3 specifications.

June sees the return of an old nemesis: WordPress. My desire to blog more requires it be as easy as possible, a re-design of dbushell.com on WordPress leaves no excuse. The new design has been very well received, and I’m honoured by the hundreds of design blogs that have featured me to date.

Summer goes by fast and my design blogging goes up a notch. I should mention I’ve been working at Base Creative all year if you were wondering what’s happened in between!

Around August I start thinking there should be some kind of “coffee break” website for designers to chill out between client work. That little idea evolved into my most successful project yet. LoveDsgn is a bit of a runaway train, but it’s also amazing to work on, and the community has been passionate and inspiring.

Right now I’m focused on a very exciting project at Base Creative. Can’t say more, but I can not wait to see it live early next year!

A lot of my side projects have fallen by the wayside throughout the year. Not by choice but by demands elsewhere. I think my tweet yesterday sums it up - “The day I go to bed feeling there’s nothing more to be done is the day I give up.”

I don’t know which projects will resurface, but since I’ve already acquired domain names for a few, I suspect it will be those :-) Am I going to make predictions for 2011?


But I am excited for what is in store. Enough about me, how has your year been?

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