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I’m trying something new this year. In exchange for over a decade of continued blogging and open source content I’m asking for a little something in return.

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Tipping is entirely optional, of course! This blog will remain free. I don’t believe adding a hard paywall would benefit anyone. If you’ve found my blog, code, or anything else I publish enjoyable, helpful, or valuable in any way, please consider a bit of financial support.

Why Ko-fi?

I will trial Ko-fi for the foreseeable future. It seems like an overall good platform. Ko-fi allows for both one-off and monthly payments using either PayPal or Stripe. The user experience for supporters is quick and easy. There are options for membership and commissions which I may explore later.

So please consider supporting and I’ll continue delivering quality content and code. I have a lot planned for 2024. I hope the various links across my profiles are not too obnoxious! Surely they’re better than ads.

Thank you!

Tipping me on Ko-fi guarantees nothing in return — but it is greatly appreciated! Tips are intended to show your unconditional support and are not payments for a product or service. However, if you want a refund, please contact me via the payment processor.

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