Is it Time to Realign?

Every so often I get the designers itch,

Obviously, I’m referring to the need to redesign my whole website and personal identity.

After realising how much time that would take (a lot) and how much time I have (none) I opt for a realign to fix some short comings of the old version. It also allows me to try out some experimental web design “techniques” that aren’t quite ready for client work.

For a long time I’ve been wanting to integrate a feed from my other blog Design Heroes, and my current design just doesn’t suit extra content. Since I’ve recently been invited to the Carbon Ads network I think the ads deserves a consistant placement. My portfolio needs some attention too.

This time I’ll be looking for a format that is truly on par with modern website design. It’s going to be responsive, accessible and something special, something that I won’t get bored with a year later! I want to offer a tailored browsing experience for all devices. It’s not going to be hugely different in aesthetics, I love whitespace and my green crane!

Deadline? As soon as I can, without rushing into anything.

Advice? Let me know! What does a web designer need to prove these days?

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